We have all driven around town looking for a great spot to pop into, only to waste gas, time and even money going from boring club to boring club. But, what if you could SEE LIVE (before leaving home) exactly where the sexy singles were partying at, or where your favorite band or DJ was performing?  Well now you can with PREVIEW THE VENUE, the live video club directory app for your mobile devices and website.

PTV not only saves you time and money, it directs you to the best events, parking, potential hot hook ups and special promotions like drink specials and more offered by participating clubs in the directory. Let PTV be your guide to finding what you want, when you want and what type of crowd you want to find when you are out for a night on the town. Simply get it here or at the app store for android and for iPhone. You can also use the website version here as a PTV member.  For more info click the link below.