Knowing Before Going

Like most people I hate looking for stuff. I don’t like looking for my car keys, my wallet or my phone but I love finding things. For example I dig knowing I will find change in my car if I have to park at a meter (because I already know where that change is at inside my car) but I hate looking for change when I don’t know for sure if there is any.

Same thing when I am hitting clubs with friends. It is a major pain to go from spot to spot only to find places empty, filled with wack entertainment, the kitchen isn’t still serving the foods we like or a place is too jam packed to enjoy. My plans of having a great time and good drinks becomes a club hunt for the right spot that would often end with less gas, less cash and more frustration. Something had to be done to fix this situation and something was.

It’s true that necessity is the mother of invention and my need of knowing before going birthed Preview The Venue. It’s pretty damn cool, cost effective and convenient to check out club spots from my computer or mobile device and go from the comforts home (or wherever I am at the time) straight to the party spot that fits me and my friends with no fuss. No more wandering aimlessly and coming up empty handed. Preview The Venue (PTV) makes it possible for anyone to know before they go where things are poppin.

Our sincere desire at PVT is that everyone that uses our service will find it as helpful as we have intended it to be. Also we are always open to your ideas on how we may evolve to be an even better service so your feedback is both welcome and appreciated. So without any further adue it’s time to Preview The Venue!

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